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One of the trickiest things to do is to get motivated. But staying motivated can be even harder.

Have you ever told yourself that you are going to do something, like eat healthier, and you find the motivation and do it for a day. But then the next day you find yourself slouched over on the couch in your pj’s binge watching tv while shoving your face with pizza, ice cream and chocolate in your face.

All these bad habits can be broken. You just have to figure out what you really want to achieve, find your motivation, and get a move on to achieving that goal!

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Here are my top 5 tips to get motivated and stay motivated:


Once you have figured out what you want your goal to be, take a photo or find a photo online that you find motivating towards that goal.

If your goal is to exercise more, find a photo of someone who inspires you, a cute workout outfit, or a little meme telling you to get your butt to the gym. You could even take a photo of yourself as a reminder why you want to go to the gym.

Once you have found your photo, set it as your lock screen. If you set it as your lock screen it will work as a reminder and help you get your butt into gear! Always remember why you set this goal and what you will feel once you achieve it.

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Setting yourself a timeline can help push you to achieving your end goal. You can even set reminders and todo list in your phone to keep on track, whether they are daily, weekly or monthly etc.

Setting a date and time as to when you want your task to be completed can keep you focused. It helps keep you in the right frame of mind and helps you not procrastinate. You created the goal for a reason so set yourself up to achieve it.

Simply set your date, add your task to your reminders, set a time, and tick it off when you complete it.

I have created a to do list for you to print out and get writing to keep you on track 🙂

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Having a friend or a family member who wants to achieve the same or a similar goal as you is awesome to have by yourself. You can keep each other accountable and motivated.

eg. if you both plan to go for a 5am run, but you wake up SUPER tired and just want to press snooze and sleep in. If you have a buddy that you go walking with, you’re more likely to get up and go rather than press that snooze button.

You feel obligated to get up and go because you don’t want to let your buddy down. This can also be good for you mentally to get stuff off your chest. Use your buddy to catch up with them and share all your gossip but you can even have a good rant to them and get stuff off your chest.

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Use social media to follow friends, family or influencers that inspire you. Find people who motivate you when you see their contents and photos. Their content should be focussed on something similar to your goals.

If you open up your social media app and see their content, you will feel motivate just by scrolling through your feed.

There is absolutely everything out there on the web so no matter how out there your inspiration gets, there is something there for you.

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It is always important to reward yourself for when you achieve your goal. Having a rewards keeps you excited and gets you looking forward to reaching your goal.

Make it big and fun. If your goal is to lose 10kg, reward yourself with a photoshoot when you lose it. You want it to be something extraordinary so you have something to look forward too.

When you think about it, if you complete something at work that you have been focussed on for a while, you get rewarded by either a bonus or a higher position.

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Comment below on what your reward would be 🙂

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