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Social media is a major part of our day to day lives. You can connect with friends, catch up on the latest news, even join in on all the gossip. But have you ever sat back and thought about the benefits of social media and how much it can do for you for the better?

You should use social media to inspire people and get your ideas out there. We always come up with these amazing ideas so why not post them to the web and inspire others around you. And if you do a good job at it, you might even get paid. Who would say no to free cash, right?

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I know for myself that I love sharing motivational tips and tricks online. I love motivating people to eat healthier, smash out a solid workout and just to be positive in life.

I have started posting to social media to inspire and motivate people more recently as it makes me feel supportive. I have had so many comments that people love it, that they get motivated out of it and people gain confidence.

If you are thinking to yourself that you love reading inspirational post and that you are wanting to be the person who inspires other, then keep reading!!

If you think of an inspiring quote, a cool fact or a life changing idea, don’t be shy. Post it on a social media platform whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Just do it. Share it with the world and be that inspiring person.


Have you ever thought about how long you spend looking at a device each day? Whether it’s a tablet, phone, laptop or a watch.

You’re hooked right?

No matter how hard you try to ignore it and have some device free time, once you hear a notification you automatically get the urge to check it. You need to check it. Even though the notification will be there in 3 days’ time, your mind reacts to it like a task that needs to be instantly completed.

Studies show that producers have created technology to make us perform this way. Haynes states that dopamine is released in our brains when we receive successful interactions on social media and this is why we get the sudden urge to check our devices.

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With that being said, you can understand why so many companies and influencers use social media to show off their products and ideas. They know how to interact with us and get us on board.

Influencers, in particular, use social media platforms like Instagram to show off their ideas and create content to provoke and arouse you. When you come across someone that post content that interest you, you tend to like, follow and comment on their post.

Influencers are pros at convincing you that their ideas and products are everything. They create new trends, try new products and pair up with companies to sell you goods. Then they give you discounts, therefore you are pressured into spending money because we all know you can’t say no to a discount.

Influencers have learnt all the tricks in the books to creating content to inspire their followers. They create a look for themselves and if it’s something you are interested in then you will become motivated from their page.

Watch my video for do’s and don’ts on social media…

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Have you ever stopped and thought about what pages and people you follow on social media? Why do you follow them? What do they do that keeps you interested? What inspires you?

Getting inspired can be as simple as watching TED talks or searching post with your favourite hashtag. Michelle even states that it could even be as simple as wanting to learn something new.

We all have something or someone who inspires us whether it is a family member, an influencer, a company, or a new trend.

if you are unsure as to what inspired you, sit down, write out some goals, and think about who is going to help you achieve them and what is going to help inspire you. Follow accounts and people on social media platforms that you always use so you stay up to date and focused on staying motivated.


Next time you think of something that could help someone or inspires them, make sure you share it with the world.

If you are too busy to create a post at the time of the idea, take a note and set a reminder to post about it later.

Make sure you reach for the stars and use your social media platforms in a positive, inspiring way.

How’s your next post going to inspire someone?

Comment below your ideas 🙂

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